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Surgence has built a premier and exclusive web3 professional development hub with endless activations.

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We strive to support the up-and-coming web3 builders, founders, and leaders by equipping them with education, training, and a valuable network. Our collaborative and empowering culture has garnered increased interest in joining Surgence due to the value we provide.

Our Offers



From KOLs and notable Founders on topics such as entrepreneurship, leadership, and specific skill sets

Training Bootcamps

Through our boot camps, we provide certification, support networks, job referrals, and detailed insights into specific web3 roles


Throughout the web3 space for anyone who aspires to be a founder or operator.

Job Placement Programs

That place our committed members into paid jobs in web3, from marketing, and partnerships management, to development.

Networking Events

With the strongest builders, founders, and influencers in the space, helping you accelerate your growth and network

Trading Alpha

From reputable traders and whales that guide our members to trade better and source the best information on the NFT and crypto markets

Partnership Utilities

Such as access to our partners trading tools and allow-lists. Surgence brings in, on average, 10,000 allowlist opportunities a month.

Revenue Sharing

Opportunities that reward community members that introduce deals to Surgence.

Our Access

Premier utilities

Our partners providing product access and utilities to our holders

how to join

application process

To enter the Surgence community, you must join the discord and make an application there. Applicants that show a positive attitude towards web3 and others, align with our ethos, and express a burning desire for entrepreneurship will be successful.


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We are home to 1,000 hard-working, talented, and driven individuals that work collaboratively to achieve new heights. Hear from our members below and see what they have to say about the Surgence Professional Community.

“ If you give value, you get 10 times more value in return. Surgence opened up a lot of opportunities for me including 2 paid positions, hundreds of WL spots, tons of educational material, and much much more (much more for real).”

“ After a very long dry spell, this month has been absolutely incredible, not only did I get onboarded into the surgence collab scouts program, l also landed a CM gig with my @SURGENCENFT family 😊🔥I got the opportunity to work & learn side by side with one of the best team in web3, & its such a blessing to even be in this position.”

“Through Surgence I started connecting with people, landed my first job, and created more and more opportunities. They made me capable of so many things and have shaped me to be a responsible member of their community. The value they are providing is not measurable and we can't thank them enough.”

“As a professional who has collaborated with numerous leading teams and experts inside and outside of web3, I can say with absolute certainty that the founders and team at Surgence exemplify the utmost levels of integrity, professionalism, and excellence. Through their invaluable introductions to first-rate projects, I have earned thousands of dollars in compensation. Moreover, the creativity they've inspired in me for their projects has led to additional job opportunities.”

“Surgence for me has been a place which I could call home.From wandering in the space to working for free for projects to getting a paid job. This is all thanks to ruthy who upon hearing the incident that happened with me reached out to me and helped me out.Surgence has played in important role in cultivating my web 3 journey. ”

“Surgence is the best thing that happened to me in my Web3 journey. In a deadly boring market, Surgence made it significantly easier to wake up everyday and show up in Web3. Daily injections of education, growth and FUN. Another thing that I truly loved about Surgence is that your efforts are always recognized. Surgence opened up a lot of opportunities for me including 2 paid positions, hundreds of WL spots, tons of educational material and much much more (much more for real).”

“Next big step Surgence took was finding paid web3 jobs for team and members. I was lucky enough to get few of them and I will never forget how unreal it felt to get actually paid every week or every 2 weeks. Thanks to Surgence I expanded my experience as a moderator and I also managed to become a community manager. I always believed I can succeed in whatever I want to if I put my mind into it but anytime I mention any of my successes in web3 I have to include Surgence in the message. ”

“For me I was degening a lot and couldn't even grow my wallet I was making some money then losing it because I had no money coming in from another place so I decided to start looking for a paid job on the web3, weeks of searching found nothing, everyone wants you to work for free lol, hard to find a paid job in this bad market, until Ruthy "founder" came up with a job for me , a weekly payment, with a very good amount, I was excited that day, the first time since the beginning of my career, 8 months of hard work, finally I got a paid job, thanks to Surgence.”

“Surgence is changing the game from an alpha starting point ended into another complete destination, educational hub, job hub, for all thous new to the space looking for a place in the web3, Surgence will find it, wether is paid position or educational position. Don’t Sleep on Surgence, here you will find Education, Motivation, Money and Family.”

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